What If In This Life
fable, directed by Otis Mannick
10 minutes, 2004
KFC: Pop Goes the Chick
30 seconds, 2003
WNBA: Daddy's Little Girl
30 seconds, 2003
Ring of Fire
trailer, for a short directed by Scott Stephens
1 minute, 2003
Ian Gilman Motion Graphics Reel

1 minute, 2003

Split Second
drama, directed by Ricardo Madrazo
6 minutes, 2002
Ian Gilman Director Reel

2 minutes, 2001

music video, west by god
5 minutes, 2001
What What - remix
music video, The Rangers
6 minutes, 2001
Shallow End
spec music video, Morcheeba
4 minutes, 2001
Run, Run Away
14 minutes, 1986

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